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Outdoor portable shower by Action Hydro™

Action Hydro™ - portable outdoor shower

Here at MediaWave we recently received an Action Hydro™ outdoor portable shower to demo and test out. The product arrived from the manufacturer very quickly and was well packaged so that it easily survived the rigors and rough handling involved in shipping. We were excited to see the product arrive and were greatly looking forward to putting it through it's paces.

Outdoor portable shower performance

The Action Hydro™ outdoor portable shower performed admirably in all respects. Most outdoor or portable showers are powered by gravity, which although it is extremely powerful, does not provide any sort of water pressure. Showering with a gravity fed shower is much akin to standing out in a very light rain shower. Showering with the Action Hydro™ outdoor portable shower is more like standing out in a torrential downpour. The pump action allows you to pressurize the unit to give you whatever pressure you'd like. This was important to us not only for showering, but for cleaning off gear. When you spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on sporting goods for your particular sport, whether it be surfing, diving, fishing, or boating, you want to keep that equipment clean and in good shape. Salt water or chlorinated water can damage your gear. Especially when stuffed into a gear bag for a period of time.

Action Hydro™ outdoor portable shower in the Real World

A recent trip to Paul lake, in Kamloops, British Columbia allowed us a perfect real world test for the Action Hydro™ portable shower. For those unfamiliar with the area, Paul lake is an oasis in a very desert like location. A small picturesque lake surrounded by mountains and great scenery. Unfortunately it is the only lake in the area with a beach, and also has a problem with swimmers or duck itch. Fortunately this problem can be solved by showering shortly after swimming. As Paul lake is a provincial campground, they do have an outdoor shower set up to accomodate this. In order to avoid the swimmers itch, they have pulled water from a glacier fed stream. Needless to say there aren't many people who can stand the freezing cold temperature of the shower. Those who make the mistake of attempting to use soap or shampoo soon discover that in freezing cold water, neither one will lather and they take forever to wash off.

When we arrived at the lake we filled the Action Hydro™ from the tap by the shower which is fed from the same glacier fed stream. After swimming for an hour or two, it was time to put the portable shower to the test. We were pleasantly surprised to find that even though it was a semi-overcast day, the water in the tank had warmed considerably. After just a few pumps we had enough water pressure. We were again pleasantly surprised to find that after two people had finished showering there was still half a tank of water left. The specially designed water conserving shower head had done it's job, and yet still managed to feel like a strong shower.

More information on the Action Hydro™ outdoor portable shower.


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