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Desert Spring furnace humidifier

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Desert Spring Furnace Humidifier
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The Desert Spring furnace humidifier is unlike any other furnace humidifier on the market. It was designed specifically to address the shortcomings of traditional whole house / central humidifiers: typical drum style furnace humidifiers were prone to mineral build-up on the evaporative surfaces resulting in water stagnation and microbiological contamination, and flow-through style central humidifiers (including the popular Aprilaire whole house humidifier models) waste huge amounts of water and still require replacement parts annually. Knowing there had to be a better solution to whole house humidification, Desert Spring set out to create a truly effective, water efficient furnace humidifier that required minimal maintenance and which was not prone to a degradation in evaporative output due to mineral problems.

The result was a furnace humidifier incorporating a unique and patented rotary disc assembly composed of about 40 textured plastic discs that very effectively collect a thin layer of water when rotated through the reservoir/basin. Air is then passed through the humidifier disc assembly, picking up humidity which is then passed on into the home. humidifier The vertical orientation and design of the discs forces the majority of minerals to collect in the basin, not on the evaporative surface. As a result, evaporative output efficiency is maintained very close to 100% at all times. Water does not have an opportunity to stagnate and create a breeding ground for bacteria and molds, etc. Further, the Desert Spring furnace humidifier is essentially 100% water efficient too. All of the water entering the unit goes into the home as humidity, whereas many flow-though designs waste as much as 80% of the water fed into them. Further still, the Desert Spring furnace humidifier does not require replacement parts on an annual basis (or even more often as is the case with most drum humidifiers). Instead, the evaporative surface (the rotary discs) can be cleaned as required - usually once or twice a year.

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