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Whole house humidifier

whole house humidifier from Desert Spring - clearly superior!

Whole House Humidifier
whole house humidifier

The Desert Spring whole house humidifier uses a revolutionary new disc wheel technology that requires very little maintenance and does not require any replacement parts or filters. This advancement makes it far superior to other whole house humidifiers available on the market today. The disc technology resembles a number of adjacent vinyl records turned on their sides to form a drum. Each of these plastic discs are covered with tiny grooves that allow a thin film of water to be picked up as the drum rotates through the water reservoir. As the water is evaporated off the discs as warm air from the furnace passes over the disc assembly, minerals are left behind, and then washed off into the basin on the next rotation. These minerals can then easily be flushed out using the patented AutoFlush device or by hand using the drain plug in the bottom of the unit.

For those individuals who are environmentally conscious, it is important to note that the Desert Spring whole house humidifier is virtually 100% efficient in its water consumption. This is definitely not the norm when looking at flow through whole house humidifiers. The technology behind a flow through humidifier is relatively simple. It involves having water flow over a screen or wire mesh and blowing air through this mesh. As the air passes through the water it picks up moisture. humidifier The main environmental concern with traditional flow-through style humidifiers is the wasted water. Thousands of litres of water are being flushed down the drain, with a very small percentage of the water used actually being picked up and carried out to humidify your home. A recnt independent study revealed that the top 3 flow-through humidifier brands on the market today waste an average of more than 6,000 gallons of water annually! Even if you are not concerned about the environment, this is important to note as many states and countries are moving towards water meters and having people pay for the water that they consume, much like you would pay a gas or electricity bill.

Maintaining an appropriate humidity in your home can provide numerous benefits both to your property and your health. Hardwood floors will not dry out and crack, musical instruments will stay in tune, doors will not warp and sensitive computer and electronic equipment will not be subject to static electricity. Your family will also usually notice a health benefit with less coughs and sore throats along with less dry itchy skin and fewer nosebleeds.

When taking into consideration all the benefits of the Desert Spring whole house humidifier, it is easy to see why it is quickly becoming the most popular whole house humidifier on the market today. It doesn't require replacement parts like the flow-through and traditional evaporative whole house humidifiers, doesn't require refilling like the portable and standalone humidifiers, and doesn't waste water like the flow-through whole house humidifiers.

The Desert Spring whole house humidifier is clearly superior!

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