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Central humidifier / general humidifier

A central humidifier, often mistakenly referred to as a general humidifier, is designed to be mounted on a home's central heating system. Most often, they are mounted on the hot or cold air ducts connected to your furnace. As a result, a central humidifier provides general humidification to the whole house. The advantages of using a general humidifier are obvious - being attached to the central heating system, it can provide humidity to the whole house as opposed to a single point of use. It also does not require you to physically refill its water reservoir (as you have to do with most point-of use, console, or countertop humidifiers) as in most cases it is usually connected directly to your home's plumbing.

Although general or central humidifiers are all similar in how they operate, there are a few things to take note of when considering purchasing one. Make sure you look into the maintenance requirements as some, such as flow through and warm mist humidifiers, can require a great deal of maintenance, as well as replacement parts.

The Desert Spring central humidifier is not only 100% water efficient and extremely low cost to operate, its unique evaporative surface and design makes it one of the lowest maintenance and cleanest central humidifiers on the market for general home humidification.

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