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The Desert Spring humidifier is simply the best central, whole house furnace humidifier on the market today!

The Desert Spring furnace humidifier is the only whole house humidifier that uses Desert Spring's patented rotary disc technology. Unlike its competitors, the Desert Spring furnace humidifier does not use a sponge pad or disposable metal screen which are notorious for mineral build-up problems. As minerals adhere to these media, they quickly lose their evaporative capacity as air flow is constricted and surface area is reduced. The Desert Spring's unique evaporative disc assembly boasts a surface area of more than 15 sq feet, ensuring high evaporative efficiency and coverage up to 3200 sq feet! Further, the humidifier's unique design discourages the build-up of hard water minerals and sediments, reducing maintenance requirements dramatically, and preventing water stagnation that could provide a breeding ground for bacteria and mold spores. Moreover, the Desert Spring furnace humidifier is 100% water efficient - unlike flow-through style humidifiers, it does not require a constant flow of water (most of which just goes down the drain and is wasted), and unlike competitors' drum humidifiers, there are no messy sponges or pads to replace. Read on to find out why other furnace humidifiers simply don't compare.

Desert Spring furnace humidifier advantages

We are one of the largest dealers of Desert Spring furnace humidifiers worldwide. We used to sell other brands, but due to the overwhelming positive feedback from our customers, we now sell the Desert Spring exclusively. Please read our testimonials section for some of the comments from our customers. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase of a Desert Spring furnace humidifier, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund - see our policies page for details!



Why is the Desert Spring furnace humidifier the best?

Unique evaporative surface resists mineral build-up
No parts to replace
100% water efficient
Low maintenance
Installation kit and quality humidistat included!
Built to last - no cheap flimsy parts here!
Very energy efficient

Compact size and easy installation

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