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Desert Spring furnace humidifier

how the unique rotary disc technology works, installation,
and specifications

The heart of Desert Spring furnace humidifier is its patented assembly of evaporative plastic discs that are rotated through a reservoir of clean water by a small motor (completely silent!). Each disc is engraved with tiny grooves that pick up a thin film of water as it rotates through the water reservoir. As warm air from the furnace passes over the discs, the water quickly evaporates and is carried back to the furnace where the furnace fan distributes the humidity to your home. The Desert Spring furnace humidifier's disc assembly has an impressive evaporative surface area of over 15 square feet which enables it to cover up to 3,200 square feet! Simple. Efficient. Effective!

But The Desert Spring's unique design is not all for show... it is all about performance! All other brands of furnace humidifiers use a foam pad or metal screen as an evaporative surface. Unfortunately, these media form a perfect substrate for the formation of mineral scale. As this occurs, the air flow across the media is disturbed and the evaporative capacity of the humidifier suffers. In extreme cases, when the evaporative efficiency declines significantly, water can be allowed to stagnate in the unit, creating an ideal environment for the growth of bacteria and mold. Since the Desert Spring's unique discs always circulate through the water reservoir at a vertical orientation, the majority of minerals and sediments are washed off and simply settle at the bottom of the humidifier reservoir and not on the evaporative surfaces. This allows the Desert Spring to retain virtually 100% of its original evaporative output capacity at all times, thereby allowing constant water turn-over. This reduces maintenance requirements and costs and reduces the risk of bacteria or mold growth substantially.

Some competitors utilize a "flow-through" design to try to reduce the problems associated with hard water minerals and water stagnation, however, their evaporative screens still become fouled with minerals and must be replaced at least on an annual basis - often much more frequently. Furthermore, these units must be also be connected to a nearby drain. The volume of water wasted by flow-through style units is truly shocking. An independent test of the 3 leading flow-through furnace humidifiers found average waste of more than 6,000 gallons per year per humidifier! As a drum humidifier with a water storage reservoir, the Desert Spring furnace humidifier is truly 100% water efficient. If your water supply is metered, the Desert Spring will greatly reduce your water consumption, and accordingly, your water bill! And, or course, you will also be doing the environment a big favor. If you are on a private well water system, you will greatly decrease the burden on your water treatment and septic systems, thereby expending the life of your filters and systems.


Technical Specifications

Evaporative Output: max. 14.0 gallons/day
*ARI Standard 610-96
Application: All Forced Warm-Air Furnaces & Heat Pumps
Unit Size: 12 inches wide x 11 inches high x
12 inches deep
Duct Opening: 7.8 inches wide x 6.0 inches high
Bypass Duct: Diameter: 6 inches
Collar & Duct Supplied
Water Supply: Saddle Valve & Water Line Supplied
Electrical: 24V / 60Hz
Drain Connection: NOT required* - 5/8 inch Valve Supplied (Garden Hose-Style Connection)
Humidistat: Manufactured by Honeywell
Coverage: up to 3200 sq feet (well insulated home)
2800 sq ft for average insulated home

* unless equipped with AutoFlush accessory.

The installation of the Desert Spring furnace humidifier is a basic "do-it-yourself" job!

The installation of a Desert Spring furnace humidifier and related accessories, including the AutoFlush can be done by any homeowner with general do-it-yourself or home handyman skills. Only basic household tools are required, and the unit comes complete with all required installation hardware. No plumbing or electrical wiring skills or experience is required! The Desert Spring furnace humidifier obtains its water supply using a simple saddle valve and a handy 24 volt electrical transformer is provided - just plug it into a standard 110 volt electrical outlet! If you prefer, the Desert Spring can be wired into your 24 volt furnace fan motor or to contact points on your furnace designed specifically for the installation of a humidifier (if available on your furnace).

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