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Furnace humidifier accessories

The following accessories can be used with the Desert Spring furnace humidifier as well as most other central furnace-mounted humidifiers:

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Accessories Index:

  • AutoFlush Self-Cleaning System
  • Anti-Scale Humidifier Filter
  • Deluxe Digital Hygrometer
  • Outdoor Temperature Compensating Humidistat
  • Overflow / Drain Kit
  • Current Sensing Relay

  • Desert Spring Humidifier AutoFlush System

    The AutoFlush is a self-cleaning system designed specifically for the Desert Spring furnace humidifier, however, it can used with many other central humidifiers on the market. The Desert Spring humidifier AutoFlush System removes hard water minerals and sediments from the humidifier by draining and flushing the water reservoir at the interval you set. During each self-cleaning cycle, the ball valve in the AutoFlush opens for the duration you set, causing the mineral-rich water to be drained off and replaced by clean water. Mineral deposits and unwanted sediments are carried away down the drain reducing the risk of water stagnation which could create an environment for bacteria and/or mold growth. The AutoFlush is an ideal companion product to the Desert Spring furnace humidifier and is generally recommended for homes with hard water as well as those who want a truly low maintenance system.

    The reality is that we all have the best intentions when we buy a new product to maintain it according to the manufacturer's specifications. But....we are all busy, and it is easy forget to maintain our furnace humidifier (out of sight...out of mind!). The Desert Spring AutoFlush system automates the process of regular maintenance, so you don't have to worry about it.

      Desert Spring Humidifier Autoflush


    substantially reduces mineral build-up
    maintains peak humidification efficiency
    eliminates potential for water stagnation
    wastes far less water than "flow-through"
    style humidifiers


  • Drain cycle: User selectable (between once per hour and weekly)
  • Drain duration: User selectable (between one minute and two hours)
  • Power: 2 AAA batteries (included)
  • Warranty: 1 year manufacturer's warranty

    *Includes all installation hardware (discharge hose, batteries, & mounting hardware)

    Reg: US$99.95
    Now Only:

    + FREE Shipping
    (3 - 7 Days)

    Reg. CDN$99.95
    Now Only:

    + FREE Shipping
    (3 - 7 Days)

  • In-Line Anti-Scale Humidifier Filter

    Humidifier water filter

    This filter mounts on the water line that delivers water to your humidifier. It uses the scale-inhibiting properties of polyphosphate to eliminating more than 95% of scale-forming inorganic minerals such as lime. It can be used with any humidifier that has a 1/4" outside diameter water line (copper of plastic) including the Desert Spring furnace humidifier. It is an ideal companion product for homes with hard water, especially those which cannot install an AutoFlush system due to the poor accessibility or lack of availability of a floor drain. The in-line anti-scale humidifier water filter installs in just a few minutes and will typically last an entire humidification system. When it expires, you simply replace it with a new one - no fuss, no mess!

    Reg: US$37.95
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    + US$4.95 Shipping
    (3 - 7 Days)

    Reg. CDN$39.95
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    + CDN$4.95 Shipping
    (3 - 7 Days)

    Outdoor Temperature Compensating Humidistat


    Your ideal humidity level in your home is largely determined by the temperature outside your home. To maintain and ideal humidity level at all times without the need to make manual humidistat adjustments yourself, and to prevent excess condensation on your windows, etc., you can use an outdoor temperature compensating humidistat that constantly monitors the outside temperature and adjusts the humidistat setting automatically.

    Not Currently Available

    Overflow / Drain Kit

    For use with all Desert Spring Humidifier models (DS3200, DS2001 etc.), this kit allows you to connect your Desert Spring to an emergency overflow line that in turn can be connected to a drain. In the event of an overflow, the excess water is safely sent to the drain. This accessory is highly recommend for installations in attics or other finished spaces.

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    (3 - 7 Days)

    Now Only:

    + CDN$4.95 Shipping
    (3 - 7 Days)

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