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April Shower water filters

Shower water filter

We are pleased to offer a full range of home shower water filters:

April Shower Filter Deluxe

The April Shower Deluxe is the first truly up-scale shower filter, the answer for customers willing to spend just a little more for the very best. "No shower should be without one!" The April Shower Deluxe is the first shower filter to be made of solid brass that has been chromed and polished with a jeweled mirror-like finish. And, beside its sleek design, it is the most durable shower filter on the market; we offer a 5-year warranty against breakage on the housing. Its high-performance cartridge will remove up to 99% of chlorine in addition to rust water, sulfur smells and odors; it is guaranteed to rejuvenate the skin, help make hair more smooth and silky, and protect the lungs from harmful chlorine vapors. The April Shower Filter Deluxe comes equipped with a 6-month cartridge, ready-to-use, and with a polished chrome metal spray showerhead. And, as an option, we can also offer it as a value pack that includes a replacement cartridge, thus offering the customer one full year of chlorine-free showers.
April Shower High-Output Series Shower Filter Info

April Shower High-Output Shower Filter

The High-Ouput Series shower filter is designed for optimal economy. But make no mistake - this filter does not compromise performance! The High Output Series features a re-usable housing and a KDF media cartridge that lasts 10-12 months - all this for about the same price as most disposable filters. When the filter cartridge has reached the end of its service life, instead of throwing away the filter housing, you simply pop in a new filter cartridge!
April Shower High-Output Series Shower Filter Info

April Shower Oxynator Shower Filter

All the features of our popular Deluxe model with the added benefit of the Oxygenics® SkinCare™ Series shower head for a truly invigorating shower. The shower stream is infused with oxygen, resulting in a shower head that not only conserves water, but also provides the feel of a much higher spray volume. The patented Oxygenics® shower head design is guaranteed never to clog! This shower filter featuresa slim-line filter housing for maximum shower head height.
April Shower High-Output Series Shower Filter Info

April Shower Royale Handheld Shower Filter

Finally! - all the benefits of our KDF shower water filters in a handheld wand shower sprayer. The Royale Series hand held shower wands are full with useful features including adjustable shower spray and a premium KDF-55 filter for optimal chlorine/contaminant reduction. Each KDF filter cartridge lasts about 3 to 4 months. Available in white or chrome finish.
April Shower High-Output Series Shower Filter Info

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