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MediaWave Online

MediaWave was founded in July 1999 by a diverse group of entrepreneurs who recognized that there was a large void in the home products marketplace. Big box retailers were focusing on mostly low-end mass-appeal products, and specialty retailers were being forced to sell a limited range of high-priced products, or excessively-priced installation/service contracts, to survive. Unfortunately, many of these specialty retailers also showed fierce loyalty to the "status quo," reluctant to adopt new product lines or brands in fear that they would lose access to the products that kept them afloat. As a result, many consumers were not being exposed to many innovative and superior products. MediaWave recognized the opportunity to use the reach of the Internet to provide consumers with access to a wide array of unique and innovative products not available at most traditional stores.

With warehouse locations across Canada and the U.S., MediaWave now distributes a growing list of innovative products including water treatment products, air purifiers, furnace humidifiers, tankless water heaters, leak detection systems, and more, direct to consumers and resellers worldwide. The warehouse-direct structure allows us to pass on excellent pricing to our customers, while at the same time, our highly trained staff ensure that all customers receive expert advice and prompt customer service.

This model has proven to be very successful. In 2003, MediaWave was ranked as the sixth fastest growing young company in Canada by PROFIT Magazine.


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