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Furnace fresh air intake vent - the Ultimate Vent!

Ultimat Vent air intake system

Now only $44.95 US!

Did you know that as much as 90% of the "fresh air" entering your home comes in through your furnace's fresh air intake vent? Yet, most fresh air intake vents offer little more than a coarse screen to protect you and your family from airborne allergens, dust, insects, and other contaminants!

The Ultimate Vent is a simple, attractive, yet highly effective air filter designed to eliminate most pollens, dust, mites, and other allergens, as well as insects from entering your home through the furnace fresh air intake, and other air intake systems. By eliminating these contaminants from the air before it enters your home, you will not only improve your indoor air quality (IAQ), but you will also substantially reduce the amount of dusting you need to do to keep your home clean! Further, your furnace will stay cleaner, requiring less maintenance. Further still, your ducts will require cleaning far less frequently.

Ultimate Vent washable filterThe Ultimate Vent air intake vent uses a washable synthetic RX PolyMed high-loft air filter that complies with national and regional building codes (UL Class 2 in accordance with UL standard 900) to trap contaminants at the point of entry to the home. The hypoallergenic filter is designed to have a very low air flow resistance and high dust holding capacity. The synthetic fibers are not affected by moisture and thus are ideal for applications in high-humidity environments.

The vent itself is made with a titanium re-inforced plastic, so it is tough! It is not vulnerable to cracks or dents like inferior plastic vents or metal vents. It is built to last!

The Ultimate Vent can even help reduce your heating costs! How? The low resistance filter blocks drafts when the furnace is not operating, yet allows lots of fresh air to flow to your furnace when it is burning fuel, allowing for complete combustion of the fuel for optimal efficiency.

Detailed installation instructions included. The Ultimate Vent does not require professional installation - it is a great do-it-yourself project requiring only basic household tools and no special skills. Great for new construction or to replace a damaged or ineffective vent on an existing home. The Ultimate Vent fits 6",5" , and 4" fresh air intake duct, or can be flush mounted to the wall by removing the cap.

Where can you use the Ultimate Vent fresh air vent system?

  • furnace fresh air intake
  • furnace or gas water heater combustion air intake
  • air intake for residential heat recovery ventilators (HRVs)
  • air intake for whole house HEPA air purifiers
  • crawl space ventilation vents
  • combustion air intake for stoves or fireplaces
Typical air intake vent:
typical fresh air intake vent

Ultimate Vent:
Ultimate Vent air intake vent


  • Height: 9 3/4"
  • Depth: 8 1/4"
  • Width: 8 3/4"

More inportant information on the importance of fresh air takes:

Fresh air is needed for combustion in furnaces, fireplaces, wood stoves, gas water heaters and otehr household appliances. Today's homes are far more air tight as a result of our efforts to prevent heat loss through better insulation, caulking, etc. As a result, homes can become starved for air particularly when using exhaust fans and vented appliances (clothes dryers for instances) which draw more and more air from inside the house and send it outdoors. Essentially, a slight vacuum is created. To relieve this vacuum, air from the outside can be pulled into the home, often down the furnace vent or fireplace chimney. This is called "backdrafting" and can cause carbon monoxide (CO) to be released into the home.

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