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Simply the best furnace humidifier

Top 10 reasons why the Desert Spring furnace humidifier is better than other central humidifiers

patented evaporative media resists mineral build-up - The Desert Spring's performance
is not affected by hard water minerals! The Desert Spring furnace humidifier uses a cylinder
of approximately 40 grooved plastic discs that "self-clean" on every rotation through the water
reservoir. There are no sponges, pads, screens, or filters to become fouled with hard water
minerals or sediments. The Desert Spring very simply has the best furnace humidifier media
on the market.
No water stagnation - resists bacteria and mold growth - The Desert Spring furnace
humidifier maintains its rated humidity output throughout its service life regardless of the hard
water mineral content of water. As a result, the water in the humidifier cannot stagnate and create a breeding ground for bacteria, molds, and other biological contaminants.
No filters, screens, pads, or sponges to replace - ALL competitor's models require replacement media at least annually, and sometimes monthly! especially when used in hard water environments.
100% water efficient design - every drop of water that enters the Desert Spring furnace humidifier is added to your air making the Desert Spring one of the most environmentally-friendly central furnace humidifiers on the market. Competitive flow-through models can waste thousands upon thousands of gallons of water annually - an indepenent evaluation of the three leading flow-through humidifiers available in the North American humidifier market indicated that these flow-through models wasted an average of more than 6,000 gallons of water every year! *
Convenient drain - only the Desert Spring offers a convenient drain located on the bottom of the unit to make annual maintenance a snap!
Package includes complete hardware installation kit and quality humidistat - the Desert Spring furnace humidifier arrives at your door complete with everything you need to install it. We even include a humidistat to automatically maintain the desired humidity level in your home!
Sturdy construction - The Desert Spring is built with high quality components made in the USA and Canada. The Desert Spring is fabricated with modern, high quality plastics than cannot rust or corrode. Put a Desert Spring beside the competition, and it is easy to see the difference - you won't find any cheap flimsy plastics or corrosion-prone metal water reservoirs on the Desert Spring!...Only top notch quality parts and backed by a comprehensive manufacturer's warranty. Moreover, the Desert Spring's balanced design eliminates stress on the high torque motor, providing years of trouble-free continuous operation.
Energy efficient motor - The Desert Spring's electric motor consumes only 4 watts of power - a tiny fraction of the energy consumed by fan-driven console humidifiers, steam, or ultrasonic humidifiers! Did you know that by maintaining your home in the optimal humidity range of 40 to 45%, will enable you to reduce your thermostat temperature setting in your home by an average of 2 or 3 degrees F and it will still feel just as warm! As a result, you can save energy on your heating bill using a Desert Spring too!
Compact size - The Desert Spring can be installed on virtually all forced air furnaces and heat pumps, and it makes an ideal replacement for an existing drum or flow-through style humidifier too! Please check the specifications regarding the size of the unit. In most cases, you will only need just over a cubic foot of space to install the Desert Spring!
Accessory packages offer tremendous value - homeowners that want a self-cleaning, ultra low maintenance humidification system, can add Desert Spring's unique AutoFlush System and/or our specialized anti-scale humidifier water filter. Save over $100 on our special extra value packages!

* Tests results were based on a 17 week heating season and a call for heat 50% of the time. When the Desert Spring is operated with the AutoFlush accessory installed and turned on, a few gallons / day of water will be washed down the drain during the pre-set self-cleaning cycle(s). This is only a tiny fraction of the water used (wasted) by flow-through style models (roughly 59 gallons / day according to the independent testing).

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