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Desert Spring Furnace Humidifier

Desert Spring was designed to eliminate the waste and inefficiencies inherent in most humidifier designs. The engineers at Desert Spring found a way to avoid wasting water and energy (the Desert Spring humidifier is 100% water efficient), as well as creating an environment where bacteria and viruses will not develop.

Desert Spring & Your Health

We all need moisture to feel and look healthy. In fact, our skin's top layer must ideally contain 20 to 35 percent water to remain soft and pliable. Without enough moisture, skin will shrivel and crack. The Desert Spring Rotary Disc humidifier hels to relieve dry and itchy skin, allergies, respiratory problems, and improves hair and complexion problems. Quite simply, you'll breathe easier, sleep better, and look and feel healthier.

Desert Spring & Your Home

If you live in a dry climate, gaps may appear in your hardwood floors, table-tops may shrink slightly and pianos can lose pitch as wood adjusts to temperature and humidity changes. The Desert Spring furnace humidifier reduces the chance of permanently damanging your precious possessions and reduces the buildup of static electricity, which can cause havoc with expensive electronics, such as stereos, televisions, and computers.

Desert Spring & Your Planet

The Desert Spring Rotary Disc humidifier is virtually 100% efficient, producing one gallon of humidity for one gallon of water, while some conventional flow-through humidifiers can waste an average of 56 gallons (212 litres) of water a day. That's a huge strain on delicate water tables, not to mention bank accounts.

Desert Spring & Your Choice

There are many varieties of humidifiers, but for maximum efficiency and minimum maintenance, there's only one choice... the Desert Spring furnace humidifier - endorsed by environmental health experts.

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