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Dear Sir,

I have been using the Desert Spring humidifier with auto flush for over three months now. Here are the results. With the Aprilaire, could never get humidity above 33%. With the DS-40% to 48 % is easily attainable if I want it that high. Auto flush is a breeze to install and works like a charm, keeping the resevoir clean. The plastic drum works 100% better than those foam pads. Drum is a breeze to remove and clean. I haven't cleaned mine yet because it appears clean as new. No more zapping my poor dogs nose every time she greets me. I would recommend the Desert Spring whole house humidifier to anyone that wants a trouble free, REAL Humidifier for their home.

Bill in Massachusetts

Dear MW Humidifiers,

Thank you for the amazing customer service. I was a little leary of ordering off of a website at first, but you have completely erased my worries about ordering over the internet. I chose to place my order over the phone instead of through the website, and it was great to get to speak with a live person instead of being trapped in voice mail hell. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the gentleman who answered the phone also knew a great deal about the desert spring humidifier as well as a variety of other humidifiers. I will be recommending you to friends and family alike.

Debra from North Dakota


In the past 20 years I have tried many different humidifiers. Everything from small point of use ones that you continually have to refill with water, up to major (and majorly expensive) flow through ones. No matter what I tried, nothing seemed to work. They'd continually get gummed up with gunk and minerals. I had almost give up hope when I saw your website on the Desert Spring DS3200. It was a bit more expensive than other furnace humidifers, but it seems that the old saying, "you get what you pay for", is actually true in this case. I purchased the autoflush as well, and I haven't had to clean or even touch my humidifier since I installed it. The only time I see it is when I show it off to visitors. Thank you for making such a wonderful product available.

Larry from New York

MW Humidifiers

I just wanted to let you know what a great salesperson you have in Jeffery Fehr. I first spoke with him in September of 2003 and he is extremely informative and knowledgeable about your products. I had originally called about allergies and the Austin Air purifier, but we got around to discussing the desert spring as well. Much to my surprise, dry air can also be a major factor in allergies. After speaking with jeff at some length, I wound up buying both an air purifier and a humidifier from him, as well as following a few other tips to help. In the end I think both products helped dramatically to decrease my symptoms. Jeff deserves a raise for not only being a great salesman, but also for his efforts to help me with my allergy problem.

Samuel from Kansas

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