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Firm's Sales Figures Make a Real Buzz - Vancouver Sun

August 28, 2003

INTERNET | Kamloops company reports 1,646-per-cent growth in sales

By Gerry Bellett

The tiny fluttering wings of mosquitoes are doing their bit to propel a small Kamloops on-line shopping company towards the sort of sales figures that really make a buzz.

MediaWave Communications Corp. is ranked sixth in Profit Magazine's annual top 50 list of Canadian emerging growth companies after showing a staggering 1,646% growth in sales over a two-year period ending April 30.

Neutron Technology Corporation of Surrey - an industrial automation company - is 46th on the magazine's list released this week.

MediaWave offers Web-based technology for Internet businesses, but it also branched into Internet selling.

"Our target market [for Internet sales] is home comfort," said MediaWave president Grant Robertson, which explains how mosquitoes and their elimination have joined a product line that offers consumers humidifiers, air purifiers, water-filtration systems, and new ways to deliver hot water.

The company's niche in the Internet world is humble alongside the likes of eBay and Amazon, where everything from a multi-million dollar business jet to a $5 thumbed-over car repair manual can be had.

But MediaWave is nicely comfortable.

At the end of April 2001 the company, founded two years earlier with two employees, showed revenues of $69,866.

By April of this year, revenues had jumped to $1.2 million and the company had six employees.

"Both of our divisions are profitable, but in terms of revenue generation our product sales creates more. We're in a fast-growing curve at the moment," said Robertson, a life-long Kamloops resident.

He said the products were designed for people looking for improving home comfort by having cleaner drinking water, cleaner air and balanced humidity.

"You can't go to the local Home Depot and get these items. These are high-end products that are unique," he said.

Mosquito control is also a home comfort item especially in eastern Canada with the West Nile virus scare, although Robertson said MediaWave doesn't attempt to market its Lentek Mosquito Trap and Eco Trap "on that basis."

The company has also been doing quite well selling portable campfire units fuelled by propane, and audio healthcare products such as amplified telephones and doorbells for the hearing impaired.

Surrey's Neutron Technology Corp


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