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water leak detection

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Water leak detection / detector

The first truly automated water leak detection system / water leak detector available!

The FloodStopper is an automated water leak detection system that provides around-the-clock protection against flooding in your home due to plumbing failures, leaking hot water heaters, burst washer hoses, failed diswasher seals, etc. The FloodStopper water leak detection system automatically turns off the home's water supply instantly upon detection of a water leak thereby protecting your home and belongings from costly water damage. It can also save you money on your home insurance premiums!

Why do you need a water leak detection system?

Every year, hundreds of thousands of homes are damaged due to internal flooding that could have been prevented by an active water leak detector / detection system. While home insurance covers most of the cost of the clean-up and restoration, homeowner's are left to pay the insurance deductible, deal with the hassle and impossition of the clean-up and repairs, and in many cases, lose many items of sentimental value that can never truly be replaced. Unfortunately, it is not a matter of if, but rather a matter of when such an event will strike your home. An active water leak detection system costs less than deductible on one insurance claim and a fraction of the cost of most annual home insurance premiums, yet it provides your home with a lifetime of protection against such water leak events.

How does the FloodStopper water leak detector work?

The FloodStopper water leak detection system is comprised a series of water leak sensors, a system controller, and a motorized shut-off-valve. Very simply, if any one of the water leak detection system's sensors detects a water leak, it will send a signal to the detector control panel which in turn will tell the shut-off valve on the main water line to turn off. Within a second, the water is stopped and a potential flood in the home has been averted.

Why should you choose the FloodStopper water leak detection system?

Not all water leak detection systems were created equally. Some offer water leak detection at only one faucet or location as opposed to whole-house coverage. Some are even passive in that they only sound an alarm in the event that a leak is detected - that won;t do much good if you are at work, or worse yet, out at the cabin for the weekend! The FloodStopper not only offers whole-house water leak detection, but it is one of the few water leak detectors that are "active" in that it can turn off the water supply and actually stop the leak defore it becomes a damaging flood. Further, it is one of the only water leak detection systems available that features wireless technology for easier installation in locations that would be difficult to run wire to.

Where can you get more information of the FloodStopper water leak detector?

At any time, you can call us toll free at 1-866-376-2690 to obtain more information on the FloodStopper water leak detection system, or click on the link beside the picture above to visit a website devoted entirely to the product. It is one of the best investments you will ever make in protecting your home and belongings.


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