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Water Purifiers & Filters
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MediaWave began distributing home water filters and purifiers in 2000 following a horrible outbreak of e.coli in a small municipal water supply in eastern Canada. It was the third of a string of outbreaks of the waterborne illness to hit North America in only a few years. Sadly, each outbreak left numerous victims dead, and many others sick and debilitated. "This was municipal water that is supposed to be safe," said MediaWave President Grant Robertson, "can we trust municipal and private water authorities to protect our water supply? What about the millions of North American's who have their own private well?"

The answer seemed simple…to seek out high quality water home water treatment products (water filters and purifiers) and make them available on a warehouse direct basis so they were affordable to all homeowners.

In talking with homeowners about their water concerns and reading scientific research about the consequences of traditional municipal water treatment policies, it quickly became clear that there was a bigger problem than just ensuring water was free of bacterial contamination. Even MediaWave's hometown was embroiled in debate over its poor municipal water quality. Concerns have been raised not only about high turbidity and elevated risk of microbiological contamination, but also the potential adverse health effects that could be caused by the water treatment chemicals /additives like chlorine, chloramines, and fluoride (and their many by-products) commonly added to the water by municipalities. Growing scientific literature is linking these chemicals with disease in humans, including cancer.

The search was on…and a short-list of industry leading products was formulated from which a small handful of top manufacturers were selected, all of which are based in either the U.S. of Canada for the best quality assurance.

MediaWave choose a small Canadian water filter manufacturer known for its high-end pre-filters for the majority of its point of use and shower water filter products, including countertop and under-sink water filters, and its high-end 5 and 6-stage reverse osmosis water filter systems.

A U.S. based water filter manufacturer, a world leader in water filtration products, was selected to be the supplier of MediaWave's line of whole house water filter products including the Big Blue filter housings, sediment and carbon water filter cartridges, and a unique iron and hydrogen sulfide reduction filter.

Trojan Technologies, a Canadian company and world leader in the development and manufacturer of ultraviolet (UV) water sterilizers, was selected as the supplier of whole house ultraviolet water purifiers.

MediaWave's water products website is continually praised for its in depth information on home water filter products, water treatment technologies, water contaminants, and other related topics. Similarly, our staff has developed an expertise in assisting customers in finding economical solutions to unusual water filter needs. In many cases, we are able to recommend specialized filters or combinations of products costing only 20% of what many contractors recommend, yet they are equally or even more effective than the more expensive solution.


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